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Low Voltage Panels

TEBA UNITED made more deals with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and gained SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC’s PRISMA, DISBO, SPACIAL partnerships, and becoming a fully certified system panel builder, TEBA UNITED offers durable, sustainable and diverse low voltage distribution solutions rated up to 1,000 volts.





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Our manufacturing facility produces several types of panels: PRISMA IPM, DISBO, SPACIAL and TEBA for development industries.
TEBA UNITED provides SCHNEIDER’S product solution to design, consultants, troubleshooting, and achieve the highest level of quality, durability and reliability, TEBA compliant with IEC -61439 standard.
We comply with IEC -61439 standard achieving the highest level of quality, durability and reliability

TEBA UNITED up to 6300A

PRISMA up to 4000A

SPACIAL up to 6300A

DISBO up to 250A

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Product Functions

- Motor control circuit panel (MCCP)
- Synchronization panels
- Power Factor Correction

- Type tested
- Up to IP54
- Electrostatic coating
- Easy installation and maintenance

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